New Blog & Portfolio


Hi, I’m David… (Click here to know more about me)

This is my website… Not just my blog, but also also my portfolio!

I have created this website to put together my work; in a nice, organized and accesible way, so anyone can easily acces it and enjoy. Also featuring a blog, where I’ll be able to post anything photo-video related like: projects, galeries, diy, tips, tricks and whatever posts I think of. (Like my portfolio, the blog will be updated when new material is ready!).

It all started (wanting to show my work online) in December 2010. I created my personal Tumblr, it was the perfect platform where I uploaded my photography and occasional videography, but,  altough Tumblr’s simplicity and great network, I was never too satisfied… never got the perfect theme, all my work was mixed up (only accessible by scrolling many pages down) and not too many settings-options to tweak… Also, I was really never that consistent with posts (for the fuss of uploading and didn’t really feel the look of how it was all getting presented)… (The last months are just Instagram re-uploads).

So my new site (yes… this one! DUH.) //Fresh start// is hosted on ‘WORDPRESS’. After weeks of research and trying out many websites to upload my videos and photos (aka (also known as) ‘portfolios’),  I couldn’t find the perfect website-host for my needs, and on top of that, all of them… you had to pay monthly (for hosting and space), or… there was free options, only giving you 10 posts, then, you had to pay. (logical, but I didn’t want to))- like – it was pretty good, altough, in the end I decide to try out WordPress [**] and the idea of also integrating a blog (Pretty much forced because it’s a blog platform) was perfect, and also something I had always wanted to do.  So after some days of tweaking and setting up the site for my needs, uploading videos and photos (3GB of (FREE) space! (plenty for now!)), I am more than happy how it has all turned out. (With the FontFolio Theme).


[**]Altough it was in June 2009 when I really created my first blog (yes with ‘WordPress’), ‘Factori’ (Just a friends skate team) many posts (some lame) but it was fun… -for what it lasted, and done with no intention at all and only for entreteinment (R.I.P) –
Captura de pantalla 2014-03-16 a la(s) 16.50.05
//p h o t o//


My desktop, iMac and iPhone showing the website (blurred) and on top a typography design I hand drawn and designed through my ‘bamboo wacom tablet’ in photoshop .

Shoot’ed -w/ Sony RX100 -Edited in Lightroroom  stt:[A:1/8 · F3.2 · iso80]

// Thanks for reading

-Remember to also visit my [Portfolio] !!


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