//Altough this video is 1 month old I wanted to make a post// – [For ‘HighDefinition’ click HERE]


Cloudy day in ‘Sant Feliu’ Skatepark, with pratically nobody in it!, it rained the day before, but luckly the puddles cleared up. Thanks to the weather, some shots had nice lighting and cool clouds (even the puddles went handy for some shots). We where back skating after many weeks of not much activity (Well, I was okay, Alex killed it).


Although the video is pretty short, the editing was challengeing and time consuming, I was looking for lots of action, so even if you don’t like skate videos, I was hopeing you would be sticked untill the end. In the video I continued with the ‘style’ of ”all to the songs beat” (if it’s un synced it gets on my nerves). I had to modify the song for the intro, letting me add the titles and I also had to cut the song short for the ending. In the editing proces I had some problematic software crashes, but I luckily found a way to restore all of what I had done (more than 1/2 of the hole project could have been lost…).

The start of the video is a ‘day in a life’ style intro (Alex filmed it, and had the idea), in the edit I tryed to make it fast and with flawless transitions between clips (which I am really pleased how it turned out! (experimenting)). Filming in the park, I tried out some new techniques like angles and camera motion movements in ‘x+y’ (horizontal and vertical panning, hard to do, you need a steady pulse) and thanks to Alex for filming some of my skating. I also added some ‘timelapses’ of us eating and the clouds. (Easy technique and effective)

Back to the edit, I tested out a ‘new’ effect, the ‘sequence’ shots, which I had seen In photos and videos and was perfect for the cool action tricks (All pictured below in snapshots), I tried out 3 ways to do them, with still images (no movement) using 2 programs; Photoshop (cutting off the exact shape (a little bit time consuming)) and Premiere Pro (overlaying the frames (the lazy way)), then the other way, to make the image move I used After Effects (‘rotoscoping’ the video to cut it out with all the motion(very time consuming)) – I’ll let you guess which ones I used in each. Another cool thing are the titles, I integrated them in two moving shots, tracking them manually in 3D space appearing as if they where there. Done in ‘After Effects’, these where more time consuming than I tought, but because I always wanted to do something similar, I just was patient untill it was perfect.



 – Moving sequence /// Clouds timelapse // Camera movement –


-I hope you enjoyed reading my feedback and thoughts, videocreating is awesome and the final product is just the result in minutes… but so much goes in to it! (thats why i love it)

//If you really want to try some of these things out (or start with your first edit), below I mention what was used, simple GoPro, and editting software. Basicly it’s all in the shots (look for angles and light), a good song (edit to the rythm) and about the editing software any can be used (download a trial, check tutorials in YouTube, patience and you will intuitively will know and be able to do all what I did) -that’s how I achieved these skills of filming and editing and I’m still progressing in technique and learning, after years of producing, failing and succeding.//


SKATERS: David Abades + Alex Gallach (+filmers)

CAMERA: GoPro HERO3 – 720p 60fps

EDITING SOFTWARE: Adobe Premiere Pro (4Edit) //+ color correction- Magic Bullet Looks// + Adobe After Effects (4Effects)

SONG: Nomadic Firs – Cover Bombs (ODESZA Edit)


-//Snapshots form the video//






Captura de pantalla 2014-04-01 a la(s) 00.33.56Captura de pantalla 2014-04-01 a la(s) 00.33.56Captura de pantalla 2014-04-01 a la(s) 00.33.56

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Captura de pantalla 2014-04-02 a la(s) 00.31.55


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