Cloudy Hike Up ”La Mola”


“La Mola” is a mountain in ”el Vallés Occidental, Cataluña” it’s 1.104 meters on the highest point. So my self and two friends, decided on a cloudy Friday afternoon to hike up it. It’s a very easy climb, and it’s paths are clear and safe with really cool views.

So we went  from 800m up to the top 1104m and back down, it was a good day for hiking as temperatures where pleasant. Lots of clouds which looked nice but at the top totally blocked the views although it was fun anyways!.

The video is short but sweet, I filmed it all with my new camera (My Review), really trying to get cool angles and steady shots while were going up and down. For some shots I just used a special extendable “monopod” enabling me to extend it and get a wider and more flexible angle of me or the three of us (selfie-mode), allowing 180º of rotation for cool effects and a “birds eye view” when positioning it above me.

It was also my first tests in animations, all the simple letters for titles were done with ‘Adobe Flash’ and then exported on to the video. It was a bit of a slow process because each one had to be done frame by frame with a lot of patience (below I show all of them in ‘gif’s’ and I also show how the program looks), the idea was to give the viewer more information trough out the video (It was also a experiment and challenge for me).


PS: //info// As it was my first time using the camera, I exported the videos all wrong and there wasn’t audio, so for the ‘video start’ I had to search online for ‘audio files’ of   ‘in car noises’ and also searched for ‘pencil strokes noises’ to make the animations more realistic.

//Fact: At the top of ‘la mola’ there is a restaurant which is in full service and to get all the food up to the top they need to use donkeys!?//

(Click to view ‘FullScreen’)


















Found it because it’s a song from the film ”A Fine Line” of Killian Jornet


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