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MyLikesInTheWeb. As I state on the website description “My likes in Instagram, cool web articles, new awesome tunes I like, epic inspiring videos… whatever I stumble upon in the web..” it all basically started as a cool little project/experiment, testing tumblr and HTML, creating an automatic website where I had to do nothing, just watch, like and listen online.
Now after more than a year, the site counts with +25k posts (mainly instagram). But, this is not important, because I just use the site as a way to collect everything that I like, a ‘visual pinboard’. Making it easy to find things and remember everything I stumbled upon today or five months ago and not just ‘clicked’ liked and totally forgot about.


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The internal workings of the web is simple, it’s all automated thanks to (”If This Then That”)  a service that enables users to connect different web applications aka ”chanels” (e.g., Facebook, Evernote, Weather, Dropbox, etc.) together through simple conditional statements known as “Recipes”. As they say ”Put the internet to work for you.” A practical example would be ”IF -photo posted on Facebook- THEN -share on twitter-” I for example use the weather ‘recipe’ and when it is going to rain an email is sent to my inbox. In conclusion, it’s very useful and cool, just imagine the possibilities.


For the websites organization, I created some header sections in which I  designated automatic content tags before hand in ‘ifttt’ for easy and automatic classification when posted. These are…

”//Music Audio’s//” – Only Audio posts of music I like in soundcloud.

”//Music Videos + Cool Videos//” – From YouTube (all kinds of things but mainly music videoclips)

”//Currated Videos//” – Videos From Vimeo, these are the good ones! (videoclips,videoart,docs…)

”//Read Interesting//” – Articles I stumbleupon and save for later, good read. (Mainly about audiovisual things)


The only other mod I made, was making the site look cleaner. For example, taking out the descriptions and just leaving the ‘date’. But it was originally a simple tumblr theme that expands and adds columns depending on how wide you open the window, being a very quick and visual way to watch all the content and because it also includes infinite scrolling, making it really simple to use without interruptions.

Personally a useful and fun project to do and have.








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