ODESZA At Razzmatazz

Saturday 9 of May 2015, Concert at Razzmatazz, Barcelona.

ODESZA is my all time favourite band, their rhythm and beats are unique and refreshing,I would tag them as ‘chillwave’ ‘electronic’ ‘glo-fi’. Last year they started touring in America and Europe after their last album ‘In Return’, but they never came to Barcelona. Lucky after Coachella they did another quick tour and finally came here. I took my camera and shot some photos and videos. It was a short but sweet show, they are so amazing in live, the drums really add a unique sound and performance. Also the visuals where totally on point. I can’t wait untill they come back and perform a full gig here.

''American electronic music duo from Seattle consisting of Harrison Mills (aka CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (aka BeachesBeaches). The group was formed in 2012 shortly before Mills and Knight graduated from Western Washington University. Their debut album, Summer's Gone, was released in 2012 to much acclaim in the underground electronic music community. Following Summer's Gone, Odesza released their first EP in 2013 entitled, My Friends Never Die, followed by their second LP, In Return, in 2014.'' 

Mini video recap. I made:

Sony RX100 (ISO 1600-400)


Edit: Posting the photo on Instagram was a total success…!




A few Songs…

A longboarding edit I made with ‘ODESZA – IPlayYouListen

A skateboarding edit I made with ‘Nomadic Firs – Cover Bombs (ODESZA Edit)

odesza.com // SpotifyYoutubeSoundcloud


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