No Cars Barcelona (Dia Sense Cotxes 2015)

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Saturday 17 2015, was the ‘Day Without Carsaka(in Catalan) #DiaSenseCotxes of the Barcelona ‘Week of a sustainable and secure mobility‘ inside the European Mobility Week. I decided it was a perfect opportunity to film a short video,  but I didn’t only want to show ‘no cars’, I wanted to show the contrast by filming Barcelona with cars, the day before (Friday 16) and without cars (Saturday 17), being able to experiment with various techniques and tricks as tools to transmit in the best way possible how peaceful a city without cars could be. In 2003, 12 years ago, was the last time this happened.

For this video, planning was essential, specially as I had to know when and where I could film. I ended up recording in just three (see bellow) of the twelve available ‘car free’ streets. Although my idea was to cover the maximum, I ended up filming just three. However I already knew they where going to be the best, as they showed the most contrast from one to the other (visually and traffic) and where relatively near to each other.
Another part that needed previous planning where all the shots and transitions, which needed to be approximately the same from one day to another. My solution was, to basically screen capture all the videos and send them to my phone for filming the next day.

This video wasn’t filmed with my all around companion ‘RX100’ because (long story, short) I damaged the sensor connectors cleaning it.

So thanks to a kind friend I filmed with the Panasonic GH4 (& a 14-35). It’s an amazing camera for video, the best DSLR out there with a 4:3 sensor, has internal 4k, it’s very sharp and can achieve a incredible dynamic range (not being log).

The settings I chose where 100Mbs/s 1080p 50 fps. Both days I filmed 62 clips each (122 total) which filled up my 8GB SD (16GB total).

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 19.28.21

Like always, I edited the video Adobe Premiere Pro CC but the 2015 version (Very good new features).
Before importing, I decided to edit the videos ‘off-line’ this means I transcoded all the 1080 videos to 720 (+lower bit rate) for a better playback when editing, achieving 720 files x10 times smaller that the originals, which played much smoother, then, before  colour grading, what you do is ‘reconnect’ the videos for being able to grade all the dynamic range in the clips bit rate and for a obvious high quality export, this is the ‘on-line’ process.
Editing, apart from transitions and precise spacing of all the videos, I tried to focus on the audio, as it’s one part normally ignored and had a big importance because of the contrasts in the days (cars/no cars), so I worked to achieve the perfect mix, but still keeping it moderate to blend in with the song.
The colour correction was done on the same program w/Lumetri (Incredible tools, but slow render) and finally the titles tracked in AfterEffects.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 14.59.09

Song: Moby – Victoria Lucas

– He also did a 0$ budget ‘videoclip’:

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 17.28.58

Image I shot in ‘Avenida Diagonal’ – Follow me on Instagram

**Retweet by the @EuropeanMobilityWeek


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