Summer Eurotrip

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 23.01.07
*When I did this photo the route wasn’t closed so – Plitvice – Split (+Brac) – Dubrovnik‘ aren’t there. [VIEW ALL THE NOTEBOOK]

From the 14th of August to the 2nd of September; Me, Jordi and Lucas went backpacking around Europe via plane, train and bus. Getting to know a good part of Europe from just one trip and experiencing every city to it’s fullest in the most unique way we could. An amazing experience what I will never forget and as always I decided to capture it all.

//Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin – Prague – Budapest – Vienna – Zagreb – Plitvice – Split (+Brac) – Dubrovnik//

Very briefly because I could be hours writing… Brussels: just the start, Amsterdam: truly unique, Berlin: very cool, Prague: amazing view points from any angle, Budapest: big bridges and stunning light, Vienna: lots of parks, Zagreb: a nice old town, Plitvice: (UNESCO National Park) one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, Split: (+Brac island) amazing sunsets (typical in Croatia) and Dubrovnik: the perfect end to trip.


This has been my biggest trip I have done up to date and a lot of planning went in to it, but for the video, in the end, I decided to just film whatever caught my attention and was visually pleasing. My priority was to enjoy the trip, but wanted good footage, luckily it all unobtrusively came together perfectly without problems. After the trip I was left with 788 videos which added up to 2h 10min.


Something that came naturally in the video, while filming, was movement. We were always on the go and that was directly portrayed in my filming style, ending up all together in a very dynamic paced film.
I had it clear that I wanted a short and intense film and I was lucky to find the perfect song without problems in my library. Although the main big headache (always present), which I miraculously managed to control, was to fit all the videos with the rhythm of the song. So a lot of previous preparation went in to the process making sure all the videos were equally separated in relation to the footage, which was directly influenced by the days we were in each city (I ended up counting and separating the videos by stops and approximately measuring beats per minute).
In the end, it all fitted perfectly, the song is so vibrant and alive, it really helps to direct the video. It really looks as it was tailor-made because of the part where ‘Plitvice natural park’ shots appeared, the pace fitted perfectly in the change of rhythm, totally portraying the vibe of the footage, being the natural park a true moment of time freeze where we finally (and the video) took a breath and explored something totally different that wasn’t a city.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 21.32.28

This video really took time to fit it all perfectly, but what took an added amount of time was the simple sound mixing, subtle you may have barely noticed, I worked to add some depth and atmosphere to the video, (better with headphones), there is so much added with each audio because we also experience places with sound.
Finally the most ‘painful’ and time consuming of it all was the colour correction, all the videos where taken in a flat profile, which means minimal colour, so I could get the maximum dynamic range possible in post and to be able to push and enhance the tones to how I truly experienced them. But I didn’t thing and process that it was total madness to correct so many videos because they are all different.

Bellow, for the curious, you can see the full timeline and the segments per city.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 23.03.02

Yes, every marker bellow the song marks a beat, manually placed.

//the chaos desktop of editing and rendering previews





[Click on any to watch in gallery view]


Song used in the video:


Thanks for reading the blog, hope you enjoyed it! Cool little cinemagraph I made (Budapest, on freedom bridge before sunset)…


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