Hi, my name is David, this is my website: my blog and portfolio.

Born and currently living in Barcelona. I have just finished a degree in Audiovisual Realization.

My passions are photography and videography, in all the different tasks of the production that create them, which I am constantly learning, exploring and producing with the pursuit to capture any unique moment and recreate it’s idea, concept and feeling in the best way possible.

In still photography I am always looking for visually rich compositions and pleasing colours, in constant exploration for unseen opportunities and originality to shoot and bring to life. In videography, I search more for overall feeling and techniques, through simplicity but always paying attention to all details. I’m always looking for a meaningful story or concept to transmit, even if at first glance it’s not apparently narrative, I always try to innovate creatively in any part of the process, but always tend to work the hardest on the edition.

I can’t ignore extreme sports which I love and have truly influenced me, such as skateboarding, longboarding and surfing also not as extreme sports like running/hiking and biking, which I spend my free time enjoying or simply to use them to move around, allowing me to explore new places meanwhile practicing these fun challenging sports, which I always end up capturing the moments and truly inspire me creatively.

/to be continued…/

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