Bellow, you will find all the contests I have won in the past years,
all kinds of mediums, themes and visual applications. Always a new challenge.

Each contest has a story and a lot of research, sometimes luck is important,
but not at all the defining factor, in the end, it’s understanding what is wanted and achieving it.



Sorgenia (Italy)



COMP. GUIDELINE:”Open to interpretation of from where energy comes from, what does it need and how it is created”

TITLE: ‘Energy that inspires

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: (For an Italian energy company) We wanted to transmit the values of energy creation through an artistical form, breaking into reality sparking ideas and coming to life.




LG Electronics France

-”Change your perspective, use a wide angle lens”


COMP. GUIDELINE:”Imagine all the funniest situations, quirky (and realistic?) that can happen when not using a wide angle lens on your smartphone.”

TITLE: ‘Sticked in the past’

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Not getting everything in the frame is a common problem and sometimes even with the loved and hated selfie sticks. But this time, there is nothing stopping the will of going up a notch and creating what you envision to get that shot. Until someone appears and without a fuss gets a perfect snap with a LG G5 smartphone and it’s amazing wide angle lens, that can make you look like a fool.

This is a big personal accomplishment, especially because it has reached more than a million views.



Kinder Bueno (Ferrero)

-”Take your life… Bueno!”

COMP. GUIDELINE: Communicate the emotional benefit of Kinder Bueno: Lighthearted Moments of pleasure in a modern, dynamic, impactful and youthful way. Looking for dynamic videos, where the product is the “twist”, the activator of moments of joy and happiness!

TITLE: ‘Spinning around the little moments’

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Simple details can kickstart and close moments encapsulating memories of joy. Travelling is one of the most enriching things there is and when it is with company, there is nothing in life better. Take life with colour and energy.



Barcelona Cultura

-”Capture in a unique way the MUSEUMS NIGHT”



The contest premises were simple, just take a photo the special night Barcelona’s museums opened until late.

But I didn’t want to just capture the basic shot of a museum interior full of people, I decided to go ahead and try to shoot the night in it’s unique and rare way. The perfect fit was the Botanical Garden in Montjuic, one of the most interesting places opened, as it was in the open air, also, how it wasn’t designed for night viewings, everybody had to go with flashlights. So I ended up capturing a three-second exposure of the people’s flashlights light trails when they were moving around, a totally different perspective on the night.

dsc09622Another shot of the night



Barcelona VisualSound

-”Barcelona’s Audiovisual Festival”

CONTEST: Video creation, those audiovisual pieces which are subjective, experimental and artistically focused, with an aesthetical end and not necessarily narrative.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Saturday 17 2015, was the ‘Day With Out Cars’ #DiaSenseCotxes of the Barcelona ‘Week of a sustainable and secure mobility’ inside the European Mobility Week. I decided it was a perfect opportunity to film a short video, but I didn’t only want to show ‘no cars’, I wanted to show the contrast by filming Barcelona with cars, the day before (Friday 16) and without cars (Saturday 17), being able to experiment with various techniques and tricks as tools to transmit in the best way possible how peaceful a city without cars could be.




-”Live Q&A #GoProSnow Team – For film: The Search for Perfection”


As the title explains, this was a Questions and Answers related to their recently launched ‘Japan Edit’ which were going to be responded on Live video. The bonus part was, that the best question would win a GoPro.

This is totally different from my other contests, normally focused on video or photo. Although I took the challenge, as I saw it as an apparently simple execution but a definitely tricky application of strategy to target the perfect question for standing out amongst hundreds of others.

The most important thing was that I was genuinely interested in asking questions and had to my advantage that I’m a creator, so I directly asked the first thing that is always present in my mind creating and during any project. As an extra as I saw the direct opportunity to transmit how much Í enjoyed the film, which was my main motive, but also was a way to show appreciation and that I technically knew of all that was implied.

Detail which didn’t make me win, for sure, (although may have helped and shown my understanding) because they even comment  it humorously in the Live stream (extract of my question and their response) ‘thanks for the plug’ ‘but it wasn’t what made you win’ ‘ a great question’.

I totally recommend you go and watch the video on which all the Q&A was based on:
Japan Snow – The Search for Perfection in 4K

Shot of my prize:




‘Sarrià/St.Gervasi’ Comunity Center

-”Local commerce of the neighborhood (Barcelona)”


This was a really ‘fun’ in a way contest as it involved rediscovering a neighborhood and searching around for the most emblematic and old standing local commerce shops. A task that could be easily covered taking shot’s of facades, but I decided to go more to a ‘street photography’ approach and get in action people involved with the shop.
The photo portrays a local bread shop that has been there for decades and two children coming out from the place, but the only and most important thing for them is to attack and eat that delicious treat they have totally earned.








Open premise contest: ‘to capture fashion and style in an urban context’

First time getting off my comfort zone and deciding to embrace the challenge and shoot with a model. I really love urban photography and always visualize how in an empty street, can change its look with a person/model adding to the feel and focus of the image, so this challenge was new but came out easier than I thought.
The two shots are located in the same street (visual consistency), a really unique and gritty location which for example in the first shot and the perspective, was enhanced thanks to the rain and the reflection available, on the second photo, a simple facade shot, which fitted perfect in the 1:1 crop and the coolest thing was that the tones and grittiness were all similar and totally matched the models clothes tones.



Casio G-Shock ES




Before anybody jumps to conclusions, I know (I also would), this shot technically, has NOTHING special!
But sometimes, it is not the quality of the image or the lighting in the space, it’s all about the message. (indeed cliche)

As the guidelines stated, to enter this contest you needed to have a G-Shock watch and be in the extreme sports festival ‘oMarisquiño’, but this last one was 1000kms far from me, so I decided to be ingenious and play it my way. As I was anyways following the competitions, I decided to share the way I was enjoying the festival, even if it was from my home far away.

(I was going for the casual mobile phone shot -nothing too ‘pro’ look.
Check bellow my properly composed and lighted shot of the prize I won)

Shot of the watch I won: img_0026